Ready made frames

To protect and preserve

You've been framed

Our goal is to make a frame that will not only display your item at its best, but also protect and conserve it. HMC are bespoke picture framers and therefore we do not supply any mass produced frames.

Ready-made frames are usually designed for easy self-assembly, and therefore nothing is sealed to protect from pollutants such as damp, insects or UV light, and materials used can be relatively poor quality.

Professional advice

At HMC you can ask our professional team about the best way to conserve your item, or level of preservation you require.

Did you know?

A feather fan excavated from an Egyptian tomb in the 1930's was in almost perfect condition when found, from being kept in the dark for thousands of years in stable temperature and humidity. Today its condition has deteriorated beyond repair due to exposure from ultraviolet light while under exhibit in the museum.

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